Lack of Willpower Causes Failures to Reach Goals

Lack of willpower is the main reason people say they are not successful at reaching their health goals according to the American Psychological Association. In fact, only one in five will accomplish the goal of becoming healthier. This means eighty percent of people will not reach their goals because they claim they do not have enough willpower. If this is really so, then what can you do to strengthen your willpower?

You Can Strengthen Your Willpower


Some experts now believe that with practice, willpower can be strengthened just like a muscle. If this is true, there is hope for everyone who has felt they could not resist the little temptations that cause them to stumble and not reach their long-term goals. Many studies have been done to learn the key to strengthening the willpower. While it is important to start small and gradually build up, here are three tips Colin Robertson has identified. You will find his other tips here



Take Time

Tip #1 – Meditate

First, meditate 10 minutes every day. Select a topic that you like and read a little bit about it. When Steve gets up in the morning and before he checks his email or cellphone messages, he likes to read a passage of scripture. After reading it, he’ll think about it, and then often journals a little about what he’s thinking. This takes discipline to do this every day. Taking the time to read and meditate can help you strengthen your willpower.

Tip #2 – Improve Your Posture

Standing Tall!

Standing Tall!

Secondly, work on posture. Every time you find yourself slouching, sit up straight or stand up tall. While there are great benefits to your body simply because you are improving your posture, the discipline you get from this exercise can help you strengthen your willpower. Becoming aware of what your body is doing and working to improve it takes effort or discipline. Over time, sitting up straight or standing tall will become second nature just like saying no to the mid-afternoon candy bar. The discipline you will develop can help you achieve your long-term health goals. 


Tip #3 – Keep a Diary


Keeping a Diary

Colin’s third tip is to keep a diary. If you are wanting to lose weight, record the food you eat throughout the day. This helps you see what and when you are eating, and how much you may be eating of foods that trigger hunger hormones. The brain has a funny way of getting excited when certain foods are presented. This was seen over and over with high-fat and high-sugar foods. The brains of obese people lit up in the same way when they saw these items as the brains of heroin addicts did when they saw their next fix. Researchers were shocked to find this result in their studies.

The sad part is that, while kicking the heroin addiction is tough and painful, it can happen fairly quickly. Not so with losing weight. It may take months or years to get it off and willpower to keep it off. Keeping the food diary will increase your ability to resist temptations. If you are trying to increase how much you exercise, you could keep an exercise diary instead. Keep your diary for two weeks.



I would like to add that when you are tempted to make a poor choice, say a little prayer. God wants you to prosper and to be in health. Strengthening the willpower is certainly something he will help you do to achieve your long-term health goals. Rather than going on a diet, choose to have a healthier lifestyle. Almost ninety percent of dieters regain their weight when they go off their diet. This makes it almost impossible to reach their goal of being healthy. Choose instead to change your lifestyle. Increasing your willpower can help you achieve your long-term health goals.


Food to Strengthen the Willpower

Variety of Wonderful Food Choices

Fruits and Vegetables

The willpower also requires food and the nutrient it needs is glucose! Avoid simple sugars such as refined sweets and sugary drinks which give you a quick high of glucose but is quickly used up. Choose foods that will help you maintain a good glucose reserve such as nuts (not peanuts), fresh fruits and vegetables. Keeping your willpower supplied with a good amount of healthy fuel will help you make better choices. Choose Health!