Springtime in Tennessee!

Begin a Lifestyle Makeover

Do you want to experience feeling fresh and full of energy every day? Do you want to lose weight so you can feel good about your body again? Do you want to get off those medications you have to take several times a day? Would you like to have more of the vigor you once felt in your youth? For most of us, this is possible through a Lifestyle Makeover. It is springtime in Tennessee. New life is bursting forth everywhere. True, life has its seasons. But for most of us, we can bring back the vitality of spring into our lives through the little choices we make every day. We just need to learn to make the right choices. Education helps us make those better choices. That is what Lifestyle Makeovers is all about. We help people just like you to make changes that can bring you improved health and energy.

Are You Where You Want to Be?

What is involved in a Lifestyle Makeover? Simply, change. Almost imperceptibly change creeps upon us until we find ourselves in a totally different environment than one that we would have chosen for ourselves. Periodically, we need to take stock of where we are, who we have become, and what we really want to be. By doing so we can then reshape who we want to become, and the lives we want to live, rather than just letting life happen around us and becoming victim to the merciless changes that are brought about by an uncaring and unfeeling environment.

Benefits of Health

Vibrancy, health, and feeling good are not things that just happen to lucky people. More often they are the result of a decision and hard work. Individuals who care enough to learn about how to have good health are much more likely to make the decisions that will result in good health. They understand the benefits of making better decisions and are willing to put in the hard work and invest the resources to make that dream a reality.


Dealing With Change

Take the First Step!

The biggest part of dealing with change is getting started. Most of us are very resistant to leaving the security of the status quo. We are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid of failure. We refuse to expend the energy necessary to make those changes happen. But once you learn that certain behaviors may make your life better, don’t wait. Embrace the changes. Experiment. Try the new. Then look for the benefits. It takes time for lifestyle changes to show their true benefits. You may not realize improved energy right away. All you might feel for a few days is sore muscles, for instance. But once you have gone through the pain of getting started, gradually the results will come. Soon you are weighing less; you are feeling more energy; and you are also convinced that the decisions you made to improve your health have been worth the struggle.

Where to Start

Getting started is the hardest part. It takes willpower. Willpower is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Social scientists have identified a number of things that will help strengthen your willpower. Read my previous blog about strengthening your willpower here.

Then What?

Continue learning by browsing the educational topics of this website. Our first focus is diabetes. It has become the fastest growing chronic disease in the history of the planet! Through our work with diabetes education, we have learned other areas of a person’s health are also improved as they make changes. So other topics will follow in the near future. Let us know how you are doing. Cheers for the new you!