How Often Should I Snack?

Test before snacking

Test before snacking

We do not recommend that you snack unless your blood sugar is low. Here is why:

  • Snacking inhibits the natural ability of the body to de-fat the liver and will prevent you from reversing your diabetes.
  • Allow 5-6 hours between meals.
  • Do not put anything with flavor in your mouth between meals. This triggers a whole series of hormonal reactions to increase hunger and make diabetes worse.
  • Drink lots of pure water between meals instead.
  • A low blood sugar may be caused because you have been eating too many sugars. Restrict your sugar intake.
  • A low blood sugar may be caused because you have not been eating enough fiber. Increase your fiber intake.
  • A low blood sugar is an indication that you are being overmedicated. Talk with your doctor about a plan of how to safely come off your diabetes medications.

What Are Some Healthy Snacks That I Can Do?

If you are having a hypoglycemic (low sugar) episode that is confirmed by checking your blood sugar, drink a small glass of orange juice and eat a couple peanut butter crackers. Be careful not to overdo it!

Eating a high-fiber, whole-food choice such as a small piece of fruit, carrot sticks, a few nuts or a small bowl of beans is much better for the long term effect. Whole-foods may be very effective in helping stabilize your blood sugar. Better yet, carefully re-evaluate your diet. Are you getting your 50 grams of fiber a day? If you are getting adequate fiber, low sugar episodes will be quite rare. Avoiding the problem is much better than treating it.

The Bottom Line

Only snack if you have tested your blood sugar and it is low. Frequent snacking makes it nearly impossible to reverse diabetes. If snacking, plan ahead so you can eat high-nutrient, whole foods.

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