Bottom Line and Reversal Strategy

What is The Bottom Line?

“Just tell me what I have to do to reverse my diabetes.”

I frequently have to respond to that question. Yet, I feel reluctant to do so because most people need to understand the history or science behind my answers before they will accept the answer. Amazingly though, many individuals have had incredible success by following the simple lifestyle principles presented here without taking the time to understand the reasons why. So to help meet everyone’s need, I have prepared the topics on this website as follows. I have presented the basic rationale for each recommendation on that section’s page. If you need more information, multiple links to other articles or videos are being added and made available that you can access. If you are a person that only wants to know the recommended actions without understanding the reasons why, just skip to the bottom of each section. A brief summary of our recommendations is presented concisely under a header entitled The Bottom Line. Study all this information carefully. It can change your life!

Reversal Strategy

Stop Diabetes!

Implement the Reversal Strategy to Stop Diabetes!

Our diabetes reversal strategy involves the following ten strategic points:

  1. Safety First
  2. Eat High-nutrient, High-fiber
  3. Decrease Inflammation
  4. Exercise
  5. Drink Water
  6. Lose Weight
  7. Avoid caffeine
  8. Stop smoking
  9. Snacking
  10. SMART goals