Stephen Wickham Stephen Wickham graduated from The University of Tennessee in 1979 with degrees in Chemistry and Music; in 1984 with a degree in Nursing from Dalton State, and in 1989 with a Master’s in Public Administration from Valdosta State University. In 2018 he completed training as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. His career has included working as a staff nurse in multiple hospital departments; serving as Director of a Medical-Surgical Unit; Director of Education; Director of Nursing, and Coordinator for Advanced Certifications for two hospitals. As a Registered Nurse, he supervised Diabetes Education as well as had clinical experience in providing diabetes care and education. For the past seven years he has served as director of Grundy Reversing Diabetes Seminars, a community-based lifestyle education seminar he authored, instructing the public as well as training other health professionals and paraprofessionals to hold diabetes reversal seminars. He is active as a volunteer with both the local Health Council. Stephen serves as the Board Chairman.

Hampton Bisalski graduated from Southern Adventist University (formally Southern Missionary College) in 1980 with an AS in Nursing, received his certificate as a CRNA in 1985 from Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia (MTSA) in Madison, TN followed by a BSN degree and a Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia. He then taught Pharmacology physiology at MTSA where he also served as the Alumni President and on the board in that capacity for 4 years. In 2011 he received the first Humanitarian Award from MTSA. He has worked and taught in various facilities, including a Lifestyle Center in Colorado. He currently resides in Sparta TN, practices as an CRNA, teaches students in Nurse Anesthesia, and serves as the volunteer lay leader of his church.

Gary Garner graduated from Southern Adventist University in 1970 with a B.S. in Business Administration. He began his 44-year healthcare career working part time for Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Tennessee prior to graduation, and then joined their Medicare/Medicaid division as a Provider-based Physician Specialist immediately after graduation. His career includes both dental and medical group management, and hospital administration, along with experience in home health, mental health, and hospice plus 7 years of international experience with a NGO in Blantyre, Malawi. He retired in 2014 from the WellStar Health System (Atlanta) where he provided financial advice as a Senior Financial Analyst. Since retirement, he has continued to be active in various charitable organizations including a local food bank. Gary serves as the Board Treasurer.

Karen Wickham graduated from Southern Adventist University (formally Southern Missionary College) in 1975 as a Registered Nurse. In 2017 she received a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from e-Cornell. Her career has included working as a staff nurse in multiple departments of the hospital; creating a hospital-based Department of Cost Containment and serving as the Director; serving as the Director of Performance Improvement; and coordinating the implementation of computerized ordering and scheduling for multiple departments at the local hospital as well as system wide. As a Registered Nurse, she provided clinical care and education for diabetes patients. As a volunteer with the Grundy County Health Council, she learned that this county had the lowest health rankings in the State of Tennessee. She was instrumental in obtaining a grant for the county for diabetes prevention and education. She assisted Stephen in the development of Grundy Reversing Diabetes Seminars and serves as one of the seminar presenters. She is an active member of the local Health Council and Tennessee Healthier Communities Committee.

Ken Colburn graduated from Loma Linda University with an MD degree in 1980.  After completing a residency in Family Medicine at Hinsdale Hospital in Hinsdale, Illinois, he and his family went to Okinawa, Japan in 1984 where he served on the staff of the Okinawa Adventist Medical Center for 7 years.  In 1991 he moved to Rickman, Tennessee and joined a private primary care practice in Livingston, Tennessee, providing whole family care including obstetrics. He continues in solo private practice at this time. He is also actively involved in the “Your Best Pathway to Health” organization in providing care to underserved people of our major cities. Ken serves as our Board Secretary.